Traditional balance training devices can be found
at any rehab center, clinic or gym. They are considered standard injury treatment tools that have also been shown to reduce the incidence of injury to all lower limb joints.
boboPRO – a smart board that is mounted on traditional balance training products and turns them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels. The user tilts the boboPRO to control virtual games and training programs: transforming balance training and rehabilitation into a motivating and challenging game.

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Hundreds of customers are already using bobo:
Leading Hospitals, Health Maintenance Organizations, Physical
Therapy Practices, Personal Trainers, Exercise Centers, Schools,
Sports Teams and Military Units.


What's in the box?

• BOBO Board
• BOBO TAB Case - Wall / Table Mount
• Cables: HDMI, DC, magnetic USB
• Wall-Mount Kit